After the success of the 'Field of Dreams' game in Dyersville, many people are reexamining Iowa's history with baseball. There has been quite a bit of talk about Iowa not having an MLB team, but it turns out that is not necessarily the case.

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After the iconic MLB game at the 'Field of Dreams' movie site, more eyes are on this part of Iowa. One question that this entire experience has left me with is, why doesn't the state of Iowa have its own MLB team? 

There are plenty of minor league teams, like the Waterloo Bucks that have a loyal local following. From how enthusiastic the fanbase for these league teams and the success of the 'Field of Dreams' game, the MLB officials would have to be out of their minds NOT to consider giving Iowa their own team.

It turns out, that more than a hundred years ago, we kind of already did.

In the late 1800s, Sioux City combined its Corn Palace festival with an exhibition game against the Chicago Colts. This team would become the famed MLB Chicago Cubs in 1903.

After some league controversy, several attempts to get a team together for the Western League, and some national/state crisis' the Sioux City Cornhuskers formed and joined the association in 1894.

The Cornhuskers led the entire season, averaging about 10.5 runs per game. In the end, they wound up finishing second in the league. This success cemented their status in the league for a few years.

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Public Domain

The next year the team ended up winning the title of league champions. Some of the major players on this team include Bill Hart. This pitcher led the entire league in earned run average (ERA) and came in third for victories during his time on the team.

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Public Domain

The success of the team didn't last for long though. In 1895, following their successful season the team was actually replaced by the St. Paul Apostles and sold to Charles Comiskey.

After the Western League changed to the American League Cominsky brought the Apostles to Chicago and renamed them the Chicago White Sox. That's right! The Chicago White Sox used to play for Iowa.

The team proudly shares this information before every game. It reads,

"Before they were the Chicago White Sox, they were the Sioux City (Iowa) Cornhuskers until 1894 when Charles Cominskey purchased the franchise and moved it to St. Paul, Minnesota."


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