We recently posted a list of local restaurants offering Mother's Day brunch specials, which you can revisit here.

But it was brought to my attention that, while all the places listed are awesome, some are a little pricy. Maybe Mom just wants to go somewhere simple, to a place of her choice!

It makes a lot a sense. I always say, nothing you can possibly do for Mom can compare to what she's done for you. But a good start and a chance to earn some brownie points would be to just ask HER where she wants to eat for brunch, lunch or dinner on Mother's Day.

If you have that Mom who will have that whole back and forth with you and Dad; "where do you want to eat tonight, Mom?" "Oh, I don't care", then you can refer to our list.

Meanwhile, Moms, you tell us: where would YOU choose to be treated for Mother's Day? While we're at it, let's find out what the perfect gift is. Share your thoughts in the comments, and Happy Mother's Day!


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