Call it a modern neighborhood watch. Think about how appreciative you'd be if you were the victim of a crime and your neighbors could provide helpful security footage to help police quickly solve the crime. Think about how you'd feel if you could help in the same way.

Those are selling points offered from the Marion Police Department just over a year after they started a program in September 2019 inviting residents to register their personal home or business surveillance systems to better assist in seeking out the footage of potential crimes.

60 residents signed up in the early weeks of the program according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, and Marion officials are ecstatic about the community's participation in the program. Public Information Officer Tom Daubs cited the investigation of a rash of seven auto thefts and burglaries in early September. They ended up not finding any incriminating footage from the available cameras, but the quick cooperation from those with registered cameras was appreciated.

It's that kind of time-saving cooperation that Daubs says makes the program a success. They now have 137 residents registered and would, ideally, like everyone to sign up, but the more the merrier, according to Daubs.

If you haven't registered and would like to do so or get more information, you can learn more here.

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