If you qualify for SNAP benefits in Iowa, you may soon have to jump through a few more hoops to get them.

The divide between people in need of these programs and those who think we should tighten restrictions on them continues.

Gazette reports lawmakers, spearheaded in part by Schleswig Sen. Jason Schultz, are discussing multiple proposals, including one to require those who owe child support to pay it before receiving food assistance benefits.

According to Schultz, "I hear constantly from constituents who are frustrated. They feel that they’re going to work every day, paying taxes, these taxes are going to people who are not going to work and could"

Some are not in favor of the plans. "Taking away food assistance would prevent them from meeting basic needs and make it more challenging for them to make child support payments,” said Mary Nelle Trefz, with the Des Moines-based nonprofit Child and Family Policy Center.

Legislators are also working on designing programs to connect recipients of these benefits to jobs. The United Way has proposed such a program that could be worked into legislation, said Schultz.


[Via Gazette]


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