Despite how far it is from my home, this one hits close to home.

My wife graduated from the University of Iowa, and I have many friends and family who attend or have graduated from there.

I was stunned to see it labeled as one of America's most dangerous college campuses.

If you're like me, you probably did a double-take when you read that.

However, I assure you the University of Iowa is among America's five most dangerous college campuses.

Iowa City, IA Canva

Two other Big 10 schools, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and Ohio State University in Columbus, took the top two spots.

At the same time, the University of Iowa in Iowa City was ranked 5th.

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This was based on figuring the number of violent crimes on campus reported between 2019-2021.

I'm sure there isn't a college on the list that likes having its name included on this dubious rundown, so I checked to see if the University of Iowa is doing anything about the violence on its campus.

I found some interesting info, like an Anti Violence Plan saying, "The University of Iowa has a committed team working to prevent sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, dating violence, and stalking; provide trauma-informed care to survivors; implement a fair and equitable resolution process, and hold community members accountable for harm created."

The plan was implemented in the fall of 2021, a three-year plan expiring in 2024.

They will then reevaluate to assess the program's future and whether it needs to continue or be tweaked.

The apparent thought would be to continue with some changes.

The current plan follows a Violence Against Women Campus Program Grant established in 2020.

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