My fellow nerdy earthlings, Iowa earthlings more specifically, certainly you're aware of the most famous Iowan? No, not John Wayne. Uh-uh, it's not Herbert Hoover either, nor this Ashton fella. It's the one and only James Tiberius Kirk. Captain of the USS Enterprise. Now, I know he's not real, though to space nerds everywhere he's still a very important character.

Kirk's not real, but don't tell that to Riverside

Kirk's fictitious birthplace is Riverside, Iowa. Riverside is about 15-miles south of Iowa City. While the original Star Trek series, which debuted in 1966, had Kirk born in the small Iowa town on March 22, 2233, Riverside took this very seriously.

In 1985, Riverside petitioned Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Kirk actor William Shatner, and Star Trek studio Paramount Pictures for permission to... adopt James Kirk, according to Road Side America. The idea was to place the moniker of the town's "Future Son" on Kirk. Shatner and Roddenberry approved the proposal.

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Midwest National Parks on Facebook

Riverside is home to more Star Trek 'stuff' than just Kirk

Riverside, Iowa is all in with regards to Captain Kirk. The Riverside Area Community Club actually has an annual festival called "Trek Fest", which celebrates the forthcoming birthday of the popular Star Trek hero. In addition, there are several banners throughout the small town during the festival that feature other popular characters from the original Star Trek.

Kirk will not be born til well after we're dead

As mentioned earlier, Kirk won't be born until March 22, 2233. For what it's worth, Kirk died in the year 2371. I think that makes him 138 at the time of his passing. I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, but I assume that means he time traveled? Or perhaps in the future, Iowans live as long as some of the great family farms that call the state home.

Live long and prosper, Riverside!

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