The coronavirus pandemic and its financial aftermath are about to wipe a handful of athletics programs off the books at the University of Iowa--for good.

UI President Bruce Harreld said in a letter that the programs being disbanded after the 2020-21 season will be men's gymnastics, men's and women's swimming and diving, and men's tennis.

The announcement stated that the next season these teams play will be the last, but given the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, it is possible they have already participated in their last events. The statement, posted by Iowa's News Now, said also "we carefully and thoroughly reviewed all financial options and each of our programs individually. We considered, in part, sponsorship at the NCAA Division I level, impact on gender equity and Title IX compliance, expense savings, history of the sport at Iowa, engagement level, and other factors."

Harreld also went on to say the changes, while difficult, are the best way to create a "path forward for Iowa athletics".  The student-athletes in these sports may have to look elsewhere for their path forward from now on.

The contracts of the affected coaches will be honored and student-athletes who have participated in these programs and wish to transfer will get support and assistance from the University of Iowa in doing so, according to Harreld's letter.

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