As of 6 a.m. today, Monday, July 6, the town of Muscatine has a mandatory mask order in effect for its citizens.

The reading of this proclamation by mayor Diana Broderson did not go well, according to CBS2. In fact, although a handful of folks were accepting of the decision, she barely got to finish before the backlash started. According to the mayor, "children two and under do not have to wear a mask". Nor do "people who might have a physical or mental health issue or disability that makes it difficult for them." These individuals are asked to provide documentation if requested.

Other people exempt from the mandate, according to the official proclamation are incarcerated individuals and those disabled or in a situation that prevents them from wearing or makes it difficult to wear face-covering, such as being deaf or hard of hearing or communicating with those individuals. Other situations include proving one's identity, sleeping, or when state or federal law prohibits the wearing of a face-covering.

People may remove their masks once seated at restaurants and bars and at indoor or outdoor sports activities, provided 6 feet of social distancing is being practiced.

KCRG says the mandate will last 6 months or until terminated by Broderson, but the legality of it is in question. Attorney General Tom Miller's office said "any local action or regulation would need to be consistent and compliant with the Governor’s Proclamations and the Iowa Department of Public Health Directives in scope and remedies while the Governor’s Emergency Proclamations are in place" but Broderson claims they were assured by the Muscatine City attorney that they are all clear to make this mandate.

Further details of the proclamation can be found here.

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