The day of the 2017 Grammy Awards saw the death of a man that won seven of them during his incredible career.

Al Jarreau, a Jazz and R&B singer who graduated from the University of Iowa in 1964, passed away today. A post to his Facebook page broke the news early this afternoon, though no cause of death was provided:

Jarreau was hospitalized due to exhaustion last week and just four days ago cancelled all of his scheduled 2017 concert dates and retired from touring. According to the Gazette, he graduated from Iowa with a Master's Degree in vocal rehabilitation and would work as a rehabilitation counselor in San Franciso but music would be his true calling.

Jarreau would have Top 10 hits in three different music genres. Rhythm & blues, adult contemporary, and pop. He wrote and performed the theme for "Moonlighting," the 80's television show which starred Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd (video below) and he was also part of the mid-80's song for charity, "We Are the World" (video below).

Al Jarreau was 76.

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