Indian Creek Nature Center's annual fundraiser and one of its most popular events is, like so many other things in 2020, going virtual this holiday season.

For the sake of social distancing "Nature's Noel" is open for virtual shopping this weekend, according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Shop from Friday, December 4 at noon to Saturday, December 5 at noon. Then on Sunday and Monday, schedule a contactless pick-up time at the "Amazing Space", 5300 Otis Rd. SE.

Click here where you'll be able to get more details and place your order once the online sale opens Friday, and they suggest doing it quickly as items will sell out fast, on such Christmas fare as wreaths, centerpieces, yule logs and even fresh-cut Christmas trees and "birch bundles" made out of derecho tree debris left behind at Indian Creek and in the community. Other artisan gifts will be available from local vendors, as will frozen soups, homemade baked goods, and more.

With your order, you'll not only be sprucing up your home for the holidays but also helping a local organization that was hit hard by the effects of 2020's derecho and pandemic. According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, "proceeds will support the Nature Center’s educational programming, which before the pandemic curtailed activities, would bring 7,000 schoolchildren to the grounds on field trips, as well as adults wanting to learn about raising backyard chickens and beekeeping."

Back to the "Amazing Space": it's noted there are several locally-produced gift ideas available that are NOT part of the "Nature's Noel" event, during the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

These folks are hard-working, dedicated volunteers for a local non-profit community-minded organization. They hope they'll be supported by those who regularly shop the event in-person every year, plus those new to "Nature's Noel".

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