Pop-rap artist Nelly brings his "Endless Summer" tour to Cedar Rapids' McGrath Amphitheatre on October 8. You read that right. A concert at an outdoor venue, in the midwest, in early fall. That's why it's called "Endless Summer", I guess, but it sounded weird to me when I heard the date at first. Don't get me wrong, it ought to be a very fun show, and the dancing will keep everyone warm for sure.

Turns out, there might be some extra motivation for the odd timing. Nelly might be having some financial troubles. His problems might be to our advantage.  He apparently owes over 2 million dollars in federal back taxes to the IRS, and Spotify downloads of one of his biggest hits are currently helping toward clearing that debt. I'm sure concert proceeds might help him out, too. So maybe we'd be not only enjoying ourselves but also doing him a favor by going. Congratulations to those who've already won tickets from us. Just bundle up a tad bit more than you usually do for an event at the outdoor venue. Just a thought.

[Via SPIN]

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