A new restaurant has opened at NewBo City Market in southeast Cedar Rapids and the food looks delicious.

First off, is anyone else amazed by the fact that New Bo City Market is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year? One of the absolute hottest areas of Cedar Rapids owes much to that wonderful building, those businesses, and everyone involved with getting it off the ground.

Ok, about that new restaurant. Capo Italian Beef announced it had opened its doors on Friday, June 3. I'm loving that logo.

Capo Italian Beef
Capo Italian Beef

The new restaurant has a pair of Chicago-inspired Italian Beef sandwiches. There's the "regular," if you will, and the Deluxe. Each comes on French bread with the Deluxe offering both giardiniera relish and sweet peppers (the "regular" includes one or the other), along with jalapenos and onions. Capo Italian Beef also offers a rice bowl, veggie sandwich, and a couple of different hot dogs. There's an all-beef classic and also a Chicago Dog. The menu is below... would you look at those sandwiches?!

Capo Italian Beef
Capo Italian Beef
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Capo Italian Beef is open Thursdays through Sundays at NewBo City Market.

CBS 2 reports that the market will welcome a pair of other businesses before the month of June is over. Once they welcome customers, NewBo City Market will be almost completely full.

NewBo City Market will be a busy place, both inside and out again this spring and summer. A couple of the most popular events are Rock the Block, which features live music outside each Friday evening, and Food Truck Tuesdays. That weekly lunchtime event also continues through the month of August. A complete list of what's happening at the market is available here.

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