Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds would like to bring more people into Iowa to lay down roots in our state. A new program launched Monday aims to do just that.

"This Is Iowa" has a mission to attract economic growth in the state and "close the skills gap between employee training levels and the needs of businesses."

Reynolds also says two-thirds of visitors to Iowa consider staying here but don't make the move because they can't relocate without first having a job and aren't quite convinced Iowa can offer careers and a quality of life secure enough to uproot their families. This is contrary to the fact that, according to surveys and studies from Zippia, posted at the "This Is Iowa" website, Iowa has been ranked the #1 place for jobs. "This is Iowa" has been launched to bridge that contradiction.

The campaign not only hopes to bring new residents to the state but also keep people here.

You can learn all about the program here.

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