Your vehicles are about to look more uniquely Iowan.

The new Iowa license plates continue to be phased in and, while it didn't initially seem to be a well-like choice, they seem to be growing in popularity with drivers in the state.

According to the Sioux City Journal, the new plates are being phased in over ten years, but drivers can pay an extra $5 to get them immediately, pending review by their county treasurer's office.

The new plates, themed "City Country Reboot", feature an Iowa skyline and windmill farm on either side of the word Iowa. You can see an example of the new design above. The new plates began to be issued in April after a statewide vote on the new design.

This is the first new license plate design since 1997, and the ten-year phase-in is to reduce costs.

Your next new vehicle will be issued the new plates, and if you have to replace damaged or lost plates, you'll get the new ones. Otherwise, the regular replacement schedule will be followed until all vehicles have the new plate design.

Three design choices were rolled out at 2017's Iowa State Fair that included one featuring Iowa’s flag with navy and red colors and a bald eagle in the middle, plus the so-called “great wide open” option with a blue stripe, rolling hills and shrubbery.


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