You can reduce student debt by watching seminars on reducing student debt, thanks to a new scholarship offered by The Iowa Student Loan (ISL) Educational Lending.

Take a training program and earn big money

It's often asked, what topics do we wish were taught when we were in school or should be covered in schools that currently are not. More often than not, people tend to talk about financial management education. That's what this program essentially is. 25 students will have the opportunity, according to KCRG, to earn $2000 each to complete the "Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship." It's a reward for learning how to be responsible in paying back the student loan debt the scholarship WON'T cover, and it's a pretty sweet deal.

Here's how it works

Julie Callahan of ISL said this: "we encourage students to experience our online financial literacy tools to learn more about how they can plan appropriately for college student loan debt, and the scholarship is one way to encourage high school seniors in the state to go out and try those tools. Really get their fingers into what they’re thinking about for career and major choices, and how much student loan debt they’ll really need to take on and how that makes sense in regard to their future salary."

How do I apply?

It's simple. Click here for any information of interest to you with this program and open the "scholarship" link to apply for the "Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship." Registration is open now through March 11, 2022 to the 25 high school seniors scoring highest on the quiz. Good luck!

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