Hm... I don't know what to think of UNI's new logo. I'll be honest it's kinda... boring? Predictable? Then again, in a world where our news cycle is constantly changing and always seems to be unpredictable, maybe that's not a bad thing. What do you think? The school is putting the new logo and branding out after two years of extensive research and collaborative creative development according to KCRG.

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As far as where you'll be seeing this new look for the college, well pretty much every space UNI inhabits. This new branding can now be seen on the university’s official website, plus all of the schools recruitment and communications materials.

University of Northern Iowa primary logos for digital or web use.

If you're a UNI alumni like my wife, who majored in art education at UNI, you may think it's simple.

Read more on the new logo here.

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