Sometimes you don't have salt or sand. But with the weather we've been having, and the ice we have been getting, you probably need SOMETHING to rid your sidewalks or driveway of all that pesky ice. In fact, I ran out yesterday while shoveling off my front steps. And they sure were slick... Well, fear not! Here' some salt/sand alternatives. You likely already have one or more of these available:

  • Alfalfa meal (fertilizer) - Didn't know this would work, I bet. It does!
  • Water softener salt - You likely have some if you have a water softener. Guess what, some types work pretty well!
  • Sugar – like salt, it lowers the melting point. Tastes pretty good, too!
  • Baking soda – I mean, it is a kind of salt!
  • Vinegar - You might have to use a bit more than you want to, but it sure works!
  • Coffee grounds - strange but true, this works. And no, it's not going to give ice a caffeine high. The grounds help you gain traction and they also absorb sunlight so when the sun is out, that helps melt the ice!
  • Kitty litter - Won't melt anything, but helps with traction!

(Additional source: Consumerist)

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