Moving an actual home or building is a rather intensive project that requires lots of manpower and expensive heavy equipment. There's usually no turning back once it's undertaken so you better make sure all the bases are covered, including financially. It's usually also not moved too far because of all the factors involved. A historic home in downtown Cedar Rapids is set to be on the move after a local nonprofit organization purchased it for their headquarters and according to KCRG they've been given additional time to raise the funds.

Save CR Heritage owns the J.E. Halverson House

The building is located at 600 5th Ave. SE (near Kathy's Pies and Mercy Medical Center) but is not staying there. The organization Save CR Heritage bought the property from Mercy for $1 last year, but the lot it sits on did not come with the purchase price. Through an agreement with the city, the house will eventually be relocated to 2nd Ave. SE at a cost to the organization of around $100,000. So far they have only raised about 30 percent of that.

The backstory on this property is close to the heart of the organization

J.E. Halvorson is John Eric Halvorson, the husband of Nikki Halvorson, the board director for Save CR Heritage. They have had their fundraising "deadline" extended another two years, to 2024 which is important to Nikki because to her and her group of volunteers, it's all about preserving history in the name of her husband, who was killed in a car crash in March 2020 and was himself an advocate for preserving Cedar Rapids history.

How you can help

They are getting creative by holding salvage sales. There is one this Saturday, February 12 at the Halvorson House from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The group knows it's a big ask, being as it's essentially a more personal connection to them than anything, but if you're into this sort of thing, they are selling remnants of the historic house that can potentially be used as parts for other houses or saved as mementos of history.

It's unclear what happens to this house if the goal is not met, but chances are it will be demolished, as Mercy intends to find another use for the lot for their own purposes.

Meanwhile, another midwest house in a similar predicament can be yours, not just piece by piece, but in its entirety for FREE. Learn that home's story and see photos HERE.

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