If you live in the area of E Ave. NW in Cedar Rapids, you're about to pay through the nose to improve your neighborhood's roads.

Work is beginning on a stretch of E Ave. from Stoney Point Rd. to 80th Street, with a connection to Highway 100 planned. The city is starting assessements on properties now to repair the road's infrastructure.

While many residents expected the money they are already paying into a local option sales tax to cover the work at a cost of up to $4,650, they've learned there will be additional cost to them and they are not happy.

Cedar Rapids is paying 88 percent of the cost, leaving the other 12 percent in the hands of residents. The less it costs overall, the less they will be asked to pay but it was a surprise to many.

It's an area that certainly needs the improvements to sidewalks and a multitude of other pieces of infrastructure, but residents are upset, and rightfully so, at having to foot some of the bill they thought they were already paying for.

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