You already have plenty of reasons to hate Ted in Accounting. An election year just fuels the fire even more.

A new survey determined the states that talk the most/least about politics at work, and it also says that 79 percent of Americans have been distracted at their job this year because of the election. 44 percent say it's not ok to talk about politics at work, while 66 percent say it's fine, and 1 in 5 people say they would leave a job where too many of their co-workers had differing political beliefs.

Needless to say, it's been decidedly more contentious and hostile than usual this year, but the working-at-home situation for many has probably made it a little easier to avoid the hostility and nonsense (until you see the barrage of political ads in your mailbox and on television). In 7 more days, it will all be over. At least for another, oh, 6 months until campaigning for the next election cycle begins.

Back to this survey, Iowa ranks #2 on the list for the states who talk the most about politics at work. Who's the only state ahead of us? Rhode Island.

Not surprising, given our "first in the nation" status with the Iowa caucuses, but we here in the Hawkeye State talk politics at work more than most other states. It's nice to be at the top of the list for something, maybe just not this.

If you want to go to the state where they talk the least about politics at work, it's just one state over from us--in Nebraska.

The Top 5 states who talk about politics the most at work are Rhode Island, Iowa, Arkansas, Delaware, and Utah. The states who talk about it the least are Nebraska, Montana, South and North Dakota, and Idaho.

Zippia took this survey and you can find out more about their findings here.

All the talk would seem in vain, however, if you didn't register and vote (for whomever your choice might be). So let's do this.

7 more days.

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