State public health data showed Monday that overall, the number of Coronavirus cases appears to be trending down.

According to the Gazette, six new COVID-19 related deaths were reported on Monday, the third day in a row that the reported deaths were in the single digits. That brought the seven-day average, a data point used by experts to provide a broader view of the virus’ impact, to its lowest in nearly two weeks.

The seven-day average of 368 Iowa hospitalizations and 29 new daily admissions also reportedly dropped.

Officials remind us this is not a reason to become complacent or to forget our safety precautions and social distancing. They will continue monitoring case data for the foreseeable future, as Governor Reynolds continues to loosen restrictions across the state.

The data used in this report did not yet to take into full account the increased activity that was likely to have happened over Memorial Day weekend, or the COVID-19-related impact of public gatherings and protests following the death of George Floyd, including here in the state of Iowa.

Governor Reynolds will no longer hold daily Coronavirus briefings. They will now only take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, barring any changes or news surrounding the virus that warrants a briefing.

One place where the numbers continue to go against the downward trend is Buena Vista County in Western Iowa, due to the recent outbreak at the Storm Lake Tyson plant.

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