The temperatures continue to warm up this week, and the lawns in Eastern Iowa are drying up. Things are in bad shape because the little progress that was made toward improving drought conditions thanks to recent rainfall is evaporating. It's so dry that hoses and sprinklers everywhere are putting in overtime, and one area town is finding itself in a position to ask its residents to conserve water. A post from Palo's Facebook page lays out the concerns:

The water plant has run for five consecutive days which is not normal. The City understands that new sod has to be watered, and we are addressing those situations as they arise. The City is working to avoid a water ban or water watch by exhausting all available resources to keep the water plant running at full capacity, safely.

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Unfortunately, this means the splash pad is closed until further notice as well. Let's hope Mother Nature will soon get her act together and grant us the rain we need so further issues in Palo and other towns in the area can be avoided.

As a matter of further urgency, the city of Palo and its fire department operate on the same water system and say it's imperative that the hydrant system stays full and accessible to the fire department in the event of emergencies.

They've set the schedule for residential water usage for lawn watering as follows:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: even addresses
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: odd addresses
  • Sunday: NO WATERING



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