It's seems like a "no-win" situation for some Cedar Rapids residents who live on residential streets that are designated as "Emergency Snow Routes"

With nowhere else to park, neighbors get plowed in and the city snow plow trucks are forced to steer around parked cars, which in turn, blocks them in with now way out.

Until the cops show up, and issue a ticket....or worse - they send the city tow truck.

Both are situations that can cost a resident plenty in fines.

CBS2 News spoke to Jordan Boulard, who lives near Vet's Memorial Stadium on the city's SW side. She said  "the snow plows can't get through...they are having to stop halfway up the street. We are surrounded by snow emergency routes on all blocks around us".

Even if you aren’t parked on a emergency snow route, the city advises people to park on the even numbered side of the street on even days of the week and on the opposite side on odd days.

But that doesn't apply to marked snow emergency routes. You risk tickets and even getting towed if cops catch you parking on those marked streets.

Just another thing to piss you off about winter time.

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