The classic version of "The Alphabet Song" has been given a bit of a makeover, and people online are outraged.

A little over seven years ago, a YouTube account called Dream English Kids posted their rendition of the "ABC Song," but that version has just recently resurfaced, courtesy of Twitter user Noah Garfinkel. He posted the video along with the caption:

"They changed the ABC song to clarify the LMNOP part, and it is life ruining."
Before we get into more of the outrage, we should probably talk about why this version exists in the first place. The description of the Dream English Kids"fun, catchy songs for children's education and learning English!" The Huffington Post "the creator of Dream English, a musician, songwriter and teacher who goes by the name Matt R., said on his YouTube channel that he teaches 'young learners of English as a foreign language, and have found this way [is] the most effective for teaching the letters.'" 

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