Breakfast giants are teaming up to create one ultra-breakfast item that's going to be a one stop shop for quick breakfast.

Pop-Tarts and Eggo, both Kellogg's brands, have decided to come together and create a new Frosted Maple Syrup Flavor pastry.

Both items are multi-generational staples for on the way to school breakfast, so it makes sense to take the flavor of an Eggo, and shove inside of a Pop-Tart.

To complete the look and feel of the Eggo, the Pop-Tarts are going to be topped with white icing and a yellow icing drizzle to give it a waffle-grid pattern.

Luckily, these new Pop-Tarts are closer than you'd think. Best Products reports that the new product will be available in eight-count boxes for $2.99 as well as in a two-count pack in convenience stores.

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The company says to keep an eye on their Instagram page for a chance to get the new Pop-Tarts ahead of schedule, so you can try them and brag to your friends how good they are.


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