When comedian D.L. Hughley performs at the Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids on Saturday, November 4th, local students will benefit from the proceeds.

KCRG reports that $5 from each ticket sold will go to the Cedar Rapids Community School District to cover negative lunch accounts of students in the district.

No child should go without a meal at school, and show promoter Gerald Seals says this is why he is running this promotion. His daughter saw first-hand the effect of missing a meal because you can't pay for it when it happened to one of her friends. At that  point, Seals sprung into action with this amazing idea.

While Hughley's brand of comedy may be decidedly for adults only, this gesture is definitely one of goodwill that will benefit many students in our area and we applaud him and his team for their efforts.

Find out more about Hughley's show at the Paramount HERE.

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