Uber has become hugely popular as a mode of cheap transportation for people everywhere. Well, almost everywhere.

In Iowa, it's already available in Ames, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Iowa City and the Quad Cities, but now, the ride-sharing service announces it's about to launch everywhere else in the state. According to a press release:

Residents and visitors across the state deserve access to affordable and reliable transportation, and now Uber will be available in more Iowa cities than ever. Riders will be able to open the Uber app and request a ride, and driver-partners will be able to go online and accept trip requests. So whether they’re in Iowa City, Dubuque, Quad Cities or anywhere in between, Iowans will be able to hit the road and earn or request a ride to get wherever they need to go

It's a convenient and inexpensive way to get around in the places you can already use it, but now if you need to get from say, Cedar Rapids to Amana and back safely after an evening out, or to and from work without your own transportation, the option to do so will now be available.

Wait times might increase as the service launches in new areas, but over time, those wait times will be reduced.

[Via KWWL]


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