Kevin and Keith Hodge are billed as a comedy team and political commentary duo who began as YouTubers when they left the Marines, and have branched out to the stand-up comedy world. Wikipedia accurately describes the identical twins as vocal conservatives with over one million subscribers on their Conservative Twins YouTube channel. In the last several years, they have become hugely popular with a certain segment of the population who has craved their conservative brand of humor and unexpected takes on issues of the day.

But they don't just talk about politics. They are known as well for occasionally NSFW pop culture hot-takes, fitness tips, relationship advice, and even food reviews!

To learn exactly what we can look forward to when they visit Cedar Rapids, we turn to the CREventsLive website:

 For years, you have watched them on their various YouTube channels and laughed until your stomachs were in knots. Just imagine that same reaction...doubled! If you thought they were funny online, just wait until you see them in the flesh. And don’t worry, everything that you have come to love about them - their edgy, unfiltered comedy is exactly what they are bringing to this show.  So if you are ready for a night of unforgettable laughs, be sure to cop your ticket today

You can learn more about them through their Facebook page or YouTube Channel. Or, you can experience their outspoken and opinionated style for yourself as they bring their tour to Cedar Rapids at the Paramount Theatre on Saturday, March 26. Tickets go on sale this Friday, February 4 at 11 a.m. the Paramount Theatre box office or website.

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