The man who's probably going to be directing 'Star Trek 3,' and the writers behind 'X-Men: First Class' are the ones reimagining our favorite teenagers with attitude. As the newly announced 'Power Rangers' movie slowly makes its way towards the big screen, Roberto Orci, Ashley Miller, and Zack Stentz have been tapped to compose the story behind this revamping of the franchise.

Since breaking away from his longtime writer partner, Alex Kurtzman, Orci became the frontrunner for the 'Star Trek 3' director's seat, even obtaining J.J. Abrams' blessing. While Orci recently stated he still doesn't officially have the job, THR revealed he has now signed on to act as an executive producer on the 'Power Rangers' movie and will help the previously mentioned writers develop the story.

However, with many 'Star Trek' fans frustrated over his involvement in the current film run, can 'Power Rangers' fanatics trust Orci to tackle the symbol of their childhood? Some of the criticism flung at his scripting duties on 'Star Trek' usually revolved around how he ignored the driving force of the original TV series -- the desire to explore uncharted territory -- and focused too heavily on intergalactic warfare and political games. But, even if that's his leaning, the remaining two thirds of this 'Rangers' team will be responsible for actually writing the script, and they helped make 'X-Men: First Class' such a success.

While the original 'Power Rangers' TV series of the '90s saw five teenagers enlisted by a floating alien head, Zordon, to defend Earth against evil forces, Lionsgate and Saban promise this film will completely re-envision the characters. Though, there can't be a 'Power Rangers' movie without their transforming "morphers" and gargantuan fighting robots, so expect those to return.

No release date or casting for the 'Power Rangers' movie have been announced, so stay tuned for more information as it emerges.

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