Baby... Philippa? According to bookies, that's the top baby name prediction for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby girl, due later this summer.

"The support for baby Philippa is showing no signs of slowing down, and we've been forced to trim the odds again that it's the name for Harry and Meghan's daughter," Jessica O'Reilly of Ladbrokes told People.

With betting odds currently at 3 to 1, betting experts predict that the couple could name their second child Philippa. And if the couple indeed go with the name, it would have two very important meanings for their family.

For one, the name would honor the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh—Harry's grandfather who passed away on April 9.

If the baby ends up being named Philippa, she would also share the same name as a very powerful historical figure: Queen Philippa of Hainault, who made history as the very first Black queen of England. She became King Edward III's wife in the 1300s and was adored by her subjects.

Some other favored names include Diana or Elizabeth, to honor Harry's late mother or grandmother, respectively. Other contenders include Allegra, Alexandria, Grace, Emma, Rose, Alice and Victoria.

In October 2018, prior to revealing the sex of their firstborn, the couple spoke with children at a U.K. school who pitched future baby girl name ideas to them.

According to People, they said that Amy was "a really pretty name." The couple also called Harriet a "great name," and Harry was allegedly also fond of the name Lily.

Despite betting odds pointing to Philippa as the baby's name, Meghan and Harry's first child's name wasn't on anyone's radar. The couple welcomed Archibald "Archie" Campbell in 2019.

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