Did you say screw resolutions and take up a new hobby for the New Year? Well, enjoy your newest guilty pleasure while you can, 'cuz come May of 2020, it's just going to be a fond memory. Statistically speaking, of course. Some do buck the trend. Some...

According to a new survey from the Daily Mirror, the average person can really only stick with a new hobby for 16 months before these three things get in the way:

  • Work
  • Family responsibilities
  • Losing interest and motivation in the hobby.

But during those 16 months ohhh baby, we drop some serious scratch! Here's the average amount that we spend on different hobbies while we're into them:

1.  Gardening, $950 (By far the most expensive 'common' hobby)

2.  Cooking, $805

3.  Going to the gym, $565

4.  Crafts, $453

5.  Cycling, $393

6.  Painting, $183

7.  Tennis, $200

8.  Yoga, $170

Now certainly I would never tell anyone to not take a hobby. I have a couple I am still (well after 16 months) passionate about: my coin collection and my shot glass collection. Be warned: If I ever meet you, I'll want to show you both. Perhaps we could give a shot glass a try, make sure it works?


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