Younkers stores closed on Wednesday across Iowa and the United States, and their website quite definitively says "styles are sold out online". So that's it, right? It's over.

Not so fast. Also on their website is the following message: "We've got great news. Younkers is coming back!" Followed by another message: "Stay tuned for updates over the coming weeks! We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to being able to serve you again".

So what do these cryptic messages mean? It's anyone's guess. Is the Bon-Ton company, owner of Younkers, re-branding the chain? Is Younkers continuing under different management and ownership? The latter would seem very possible as CBS2 obtained the following statement:

"All of Bon-Ton Stores’ physical store locations will be closed as of today. The company’s intellectual property is in the process of being sold. We cannot speak to the purchaser’s future plans with the company. All inquiries should be referred to the buyer which will be disclosed once the transaction is closed."

So stay tuned, Younkers shoppers! Your favorite store might NOT be out of business for good, or even for long!

We will keep you updated on this story and its developments.

[Via YounkersCBS2]

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