A New Jersey mother is hoping to pay it forward to a couple struggling during the pandemic.

Christine Bonavita recently finalized her divorce last year after 10 years of marriage, and she struggled with a big decision- what to do with her wedding and engagement rings.

After some consideration, she decided she wanted to help out a couple in need who might not have the money to purchase their own.

“A lot of people say that there’s karma or bad juju and I don’t believe that. I know I’m giving these rings out of love,” Bonavita said.

So, she's posted on Facebook, offering a giveaway of the rings. It's sort of an essay contest, where Christine wants to hear about how love got the entrants through the hardest year of the century.

"It would truly give me no greater happiness than to bestow both my former engagement ring and my wedding ring to a deserving couple that has faced adversities in 2020 and can articulate to me how you have or you will overcome anything together," She wrote in her post.

Christine's ex-husband is on board with the contest, and even gave his ring to create a complete set for the winning couple.

If you're interested in entering, simply email Sharinghopeisdope@gmail.com, with your story.

There are a few rules that the email must include:

  • 250 words or less
  • A recent photo of the two of you, taken in 2020
  • Describe "how you have or will overcome 2020’s obstacles with hope, love, faith, laughter and/or badassery and marry the one you love."
  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must submit your entry by 12:01am on February 1st, 2021.

The rings are worth a total of about $4,000, but you can't put a price on ex-love. They also come with transferable Lifetime Jewelry Protection Plans, so they have that going for them, which is nice.

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