If you are a recovered Coronavirus patient in Iowa, you can potentially help those currently suffering or those who will contract it.

The Gazette says the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center is seeking plasma donations from COVID-19 survivors for a new type of experimental therapy just authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It's called Convalescent Plasma therapy and the experts say the plasma from COVID-19 survivors will have antibodies that could help fight the infection.

Plasma will be collected only from donors with a lab-confirmed test who are fully recovered from COVID-19. Donors must be at least 28 days from the last date they experienced symptoms.

You could be a potential donor 14-27 days out from last noticeable symptoms with a confirmed negative test result at this time, via nasal swab.

Finally, to participate in the experimental plasma donation as a donor, you must be referred to Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Centers by your primary care provider who will be required to provide medical information about you to the Center.

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