Remember When Dolly Parton Played A Radio Host?

We all fall down those random rabbit holes on YouTube or on the internet in general, right? One minute you're looking up dog videos and the next your bingeing Dolly Parton music videos.

That can't be just me, right?

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Thanks to my recent search history which includes old interviews with Dolly Parton and campy 80s and 90s flicks, I came across this gem. It's a movie trailer ripped from an old VHS tape of 'Ernest Scared Stupid' and the movie features Dolly Parton.

I thought I knew almost every single movie Dolly was in, and I know I've seen at least half of them. This quintessential 90s flick "Straight Talk" is about a random woman down on her luck (played by Parton) who unintentionally ends up hosting one of the most popular advice talk radio shows in Chicago.

What I would pay to give to talk to Dolly Parton about all of my problems in life. I bet she'd give good advice.  

The movie has a sweet romance between Dolly's character Shirley and a journalist who is trying to uncover the truth about the reluctant radio host.

Dolly can't just ONLY act in a movie, but she has to write an original song for the film.

This is a fun and iconic 90s look and sound. It's no 9 to 5, but it's still a knee-slapper in my honest opinion. She has some fun lines in the track that I will totally be singing the next time I get ready to talk on the radio.

My personal favorite is...

You can tell my anything! Just like on Oprah's show. 

It's a fun little nod to the talk show host, who at the time was based out of Chicago, which is where this movie is set. The film was well-received at the time, especially but women and Dolly's core audience, but it didn't live up to the iconic-ness that was "9 to 5" unfortunately.

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