The sizable delay in premiering Rick and Morty Season 3 has many a fan on edge, and where would Adult Swim be without the willingness to have a little fun? Surely they’d never run around and desert us, after promising to debut the first scene of Season 3, right?

That’s exactly what viewers of Adult Swim Australia found out the hard way (h/t UPROXX), as the surprising debut of Rick and Morty Season 3's opening scene quickly rolls into a familiar, albeit thoroughly-edited parody. We won’t spoil the full surprise, but it appears the joke continued on Reddit, as the network offered:

Our sincerest apologies, there appears to have been a technical issue with our editing program we will attend to this as quickly as possible

So far as the real Rick and Morty, neither Adult Swim nor creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have nailed down an official Season 3 premiere window, though Harmon has repeatedly stressed that the animators are hard at work, particularly after their lengthy writing process. On the plus side, at least, an extensive new line of Funko collectibles should keep everyone at least mildly entertained.

You can watch an actual Rick and Morty Season 3 preview below, and stay tuned for official news of the next fourteen (or so) episodes.

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