Do we need another Rush Hour movie? No, definitely not. But would I watch Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker goof around in a mindless buddy cop comedy once more? Sure, why not. How could one refuse the chance to see some new Chan fight scenes, even if buried within a sequel? Now it looks like a fourth film might just happen.

Chan appeared on Power 106’s The Cruz Show on Wednesday to promote his upcoming thriller The Foreigner. He hardly got two minutes into the interview before being asked about rumors of a potential new Rush Hour sequel. “Next year,” Chan said, confirming news that Rush Hour 4 is actually happening. Chan explained that he’s been turning down scripts for the sequel for the last seven years. But just this week the actor finally agreed to a script, confirming that a second draft is expected by the end of October and suggests production could kick off as soon as next year. There’s one catch though… Tucker has to agree.

It seems pretty likely Tucker would say yes to returning to his LAPD detective. Over the years Tucker’s said he’d be down to make a fourth movie, and last December he told Collider he’d been working with Chan on getting one together. “I love working with Jackie and I think we could do a really fun one,” Tucker said. Back in 2012 Rush Hour producer Arthur Sarkissian said he wanted a potential forth film to look something like Fast Five, suggesting Chan’s character could be married to Octavia Spencer. That would certainly be… interesting.

The third Rush Hour movie came out in 2007, and apparently found Tucker’s Detective James Carter and Chan’s Inspector Lee in Paris – I say apparently because I have literally no memory of this movie ever existing, but it somehow did. But if we do get another sequel, let’s hope it retires the original movies’ trite racist sense of humor; we really don’t need Tucker joking that all Asian people look alike. Brett Ratner is a bit busy at the moment with his Jared Leto-Hugh Hefner biopic though, so who knows if he’ll squeeze a Rush Hour 4 into his schedule any time soon.

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