Hopefully, you've taken the kids out to take advantage of some of the Trunk-or-Treat events this month, because weather is going to be a bit of an obstacle this Thursday night, with temps in the 20s/30s and a few more inches of snow falling.

Statistics say children are twice as likely to get hit by a car on Halloween than any other night of the year. In conjunction with Linn County Safe Kids, the Cedar Rapids Police Department is offering up a few safety tips for drivers and trick-or-treaters alike

It starts, of course, with the basics. Bundling up, walking slowly. looking both ways before crossing streets and making sure you use crosswalks. Make sure costumes are bright and visible, with reflective tape, if necessary. Avoid masks, which obstruct the child's vision and opt for non-toxic face paint instead. Lastly, always check your child's candy. If the wrapping is open or tampered with, it could be dangerous. Throw it away.

Drivers should never multi-task when driving, especially with the added threat of darkness, risky road conditions and a multitude of kids walking the neighborhood. Watch the road and watch for the kids.

We're sorry we can't promise better weather for the Halloween festivities, but we hope these tips will keep everyone safe.



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