Do you ever find yourself in awe of those customers' cities that can get their Amazon packages delivered the SAME DAY?

When delivery within 2-3 days just wasn't good enough, Amazon started building its own warehouses in Iowa and elsewhere and doing its own delivery. When you thought you were looking for the UPS or FedEx truck, but a little work van pulled up in your driveway instead, and you were confused (and maybe the first few times, scared because it may or may not have had the Amazon logo on it?) You soon figured out that was the Amazon delivery truck!

That same-day delivery dream could be close for the first time in Iowa as the Des Moines Register talked to an expert who says it could happen there by 2022. Jean-Paul Rodrigue is a geography professor at Hofstra University who studies the growth of Amazon's delivery system and said the company believes it can deliver packages better than any third-party partner.

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There are already two Amazon warehouses in the Des Moines area with a third under construction and a lease signed for #4. Those warehouses each fulfill different parts of the process, according to the Register and between the delivery station in Grimes, another one in the works in Ankeny, the sortation center under construction in Bondurant, a fulfillment center already there, the Iowa City delivery station as well as a Davenport fulfillment center ahead in 2022, same-day delivery might indeed be available by next Spring in the capital city.

As for the rest of us? The dream continues.







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