Maybe this is why I've been so crabby lately. I'm not taking enough naps!

This would bring new meaning to "dead air" at my job.

A new study, conducted by Dr. Daniel Barone of New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and published by Thrillist, says that we are all too tired at work and should be resting more--at work!

A 20-30 minute nap in the middle of day can boost productivity, but any longer than 40 minutes will alter your circadian rhythm and you'll not sleep properly at night.

A 15-minute nap is usually perfect for me anyway, so now I even get an extra 5 minutes! The cozy couches in the staff lounge don't get nearly enough use anyway.

So there you have it. No need to be unproductive and irritable, or waste your lunch break on a nap when you now have evidence that snoozing on the job will improve your performance. Just don't fall asleep during an important team meeting--and don't tell them I encouraged you.

[Via Thrillist]

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