If your family is like mine, you probably have a jar of creamy, gooey queso in your refrigerator pretty much at all times. It's a staple, like ketchup and mustard, except it's a thousand times better with its hot, dripping, cheesy goodness. I'm getting hungry for some just thinking about it. Which reminds me, in queso you haven’t heard the news yet...Taco John's is introducing an all-new bigger, bolder, and cheesier premium side item that fans can devour without even having to leave their cars.

Now that I have your attention, their new side item comes in the form of a rich, creamy cheese sauce with a pleasant jalapeño kick, otherwise known as Taco John’s Queso Blanco. For those of you who fell asleep in Spanish class, that translates literally to "white cheese".

According to a press release, to kick off the debut, now through Sunday, February 7 at participating locations, Taco John’s is celebrating by offering one FREE side of Queso Blanco and chips to anyone who downloads the Taco John’s App. If you already have the app you'll see the coupon in the "Offers" tab.

I realize that you're probably craving a snack right now, but please don't go driving around in a blizzard for free chips and cheese, just wait til this weekend when the roads are better. Taco John’s Queso Blanco is available now until March 15.

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