Noticing an ironic pattern here?

When Younkers moved OUT of Westdale Mall, U-Haul moved in.

Now, the people who help people move are moving into another vacant space across town. If you've wondered what exciting new tenant would move into Sears in Lindale Mall--maybe a Dave & Busters, a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Another retail chain store or heaven forbid--a local upstart business. Maybe another library branch? Think again.

U-Haul again moves in where another company has moved out. I've spent most of my 42 years with Sears as an absolute go-to, so excuse me for being a little bitter.

The Gazette talked to Eastern Iowa U-Haul President Robert Hampton, who says the company has submitted a "concept plan", which means it is not yet a done deal, but just a plan, to the City of Cedar Rapids to use the 140,000 square-foot space for storage inside, with equipment space in the parking lot.

On the bright side, whoever is next to, unfortunately, move out of the malls, won't have to look very far for help. But it is kind of a disappointing development if you ask me.

We'll keep you posted on how this plan comes along.

[Via Gazette]


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