Most of the time, if I had the choice between self-checkout and going to a cashier, I'd choose self-checkout.

There are just days where I want to get in and get out without interacting with too many people. If you're like me, then it might be time to rethink that.

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If you've ever made this simple mistake at the grocery story, you are not alone! However, making the mistake might cost you.

Multiple reports have come out from one store in Arizona of people wrongfully being arrested after forgetting to scan an item/or forgetting it was there at self-checkout.

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A woman in her 60s (who wanted to remain anonymous) went to her local news station KGUN, and told them that she accidentally forgot to scan a few items at self-checkout at Walmart.

She received a petty theft citation and was held for about an hour and a half, according to a report. The store officials even brought in the sheriff to speak with her. This happened to several other individuals in the area.

The local news station reached out to Walmart for a statement in regards to this situation. Here's what they received back;

"Like all retailers, we take basic measures to control inventory and keep prices low. For obvious security reasons, we don't discuss specific store policies. When necessary, we reach out to law enforcement as part of our commitment to meet our customers' and associates' expectations of a safe and enjoyable shopping experience."

One lawyer on Tik Tok is even advising people to steer clear of self-checkout lines going forward. You can watch her videos down below!

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