Another sign of the apocalypse may have hit me this weekend. Or at least another sign that I'm getting old and need an overhaul to my social life.

It's one thing when the highlight of your Saturday night is cleaning the bathroom. It's a different story altogether when you catch yourself needing to change into your "cleaning clothes" to do it.

Keep in mind, my attire for lounging around on this particular Saturday night wasn't exactly my Sunday (or Saturday) best, but as I started gathering up my supplies and getting ready to start the dubious task of cleaning the bathroom, I caught myself doing a very "old-guy" thing. I caught myself saying to myself, "maybe I better change out of my 'good' t-shirt and jeans" before I start messing around with these bleaches and cleaning chemicals.

I don't know what this means?! Am I getting old, do I need a social life overhaul, do I need more clothes, what is it? All of the above?! And has this ever happened to you?

What are some things you caught yourself doing or saying that made you feel old? I'd love to hear them. Even if I relate a little too closely to any of them.

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