Sometimes, you read something that gives you pause because it's WAY too relatable. One of the radio show prep pages we use had a write-up on the "Six Habits That Drain Your Energy", and unfortunately, I could honestly apply every single one of them to myself. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Forbes magazine wrote the article, which went on to include 14 of these habits (and I still found myself relating to at least 11!). But, for time's sake, we'll focus on the aforementioned six.

  • Being too much of a people-pleaser. You can sometimes lose sight of yourself if you try too hard to please/impress others. Guilty.
  • Gossiping and drama. This creates negative energy all around. I'm a little less guilty of this, but still guilty.
  • Overthinking. A co-worker told me this was "Me.Com" and he nailed it. Guilty. WAY guilty. And I am NOT overthinking this.
  • General negativity. Guilty.
  • Constant worrying. I'm worried about this one because I do worry a lot.
  • Taking things too personally. What's that supposed to mean?! Even my boss has tried staging mini-interventions to get me past this one, to no avail.

All of these are negative habits that deplete your energy, but getting rid of them might be easier said than done. Or maybe that's just me, overthinking again. Now that I know, I can work harder on fixing them. I mean I can, but will I?

Meanwhile, see the full list from Forbes here.

[Via Forbes]


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