If you recall, Snicker's tried to get the date of Halloween changed to the last Saturday of October, and if it happened, they'd give away 1 million Snickers. Well, they failed their mission, but they're still wanting to give away a crap load of candy.

If you visit One Million Snickers, you can sign up for a gift card the amount of $3.90 from Walmart, the amount equal to that of a small bag of fun sized Snickers.


In a press release, Brand Director Josh Olken said “We promised a million SNICKERS, and regardless of the date, we’re going to deliver. Whether fans enjoy their free SNICKERS themselves or hand them out to trick-or-treaters, we want everyone to have a satisfying Halloween.”

According to the Terms of the contest, they'll be giving out 55,000 gift cards at a time. If the site says "We're refilling our bowl," don't worry, they've just hit the limit for the day.

Read more at USA Today

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