Whether or not you're a fan of the show 'Saturday Night Live', a skit from this past weekend's show is really hitting home this holiday season. It's because it shows all the struggles that parents go through to make Christmas amazing.

Matt Damon and Cecily Strong play parents who sit down and reflect on the Christmas holiday that has just ended. The wife asks her husband if he had a good Christmas. Without missing a beat he declares that it was the best Christmas ever. That's when reality sinks in! For every wonderful memory the couple brings up, there is a flashback to a not so pleasant occurrence. From the kids getting up before 6 a.m., to the in-laws staying for days. Putting those big presents together in the middle of the night. The fights amongst siblings. It was all spot on. Because as a parent myself, I've experienced nearly all of it myself.

But the message at the end of the video is the best. No matter how crazy things go, it's Christmas. The memories will stay with you forever.

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