Just when we were all planning our spring activities after being spoiled over the last two weekends, it looks to be returning tonight. I hate myself for having to write this, as the thought turns my stomach about as much as it turns yours I'm sure. While some call for 2-4 inches, others call for maybe a trace. I'm hoping for the latter. However, we are under a winter weather advisory from 6 pm tonight until 9 am tomorrow, and it looks like it will start with a rain/sleet mix that could make things quite slick, so be careful.

As for the snow itself, when it hits, there's nothing more frustrating than shoveling the driveway nice and clean before bed, only to find you've been plowed in by morning, and it's all frozen over. You can't be mad at the plow, though, as they're just doing their job. Thanks to a hack, though, it doesn't have to be this way.

Check out the life hack in the video below. If you just give the snow a place to go, it won't bury in the end of your driveway anymore.  What an awesome idea! I only wish I had seen this earlier.

In short, when facing your street, clear out a 10 ft  area just to the left of your driveway. This will give the snow in the plow's bucket some place to go, without covering your driveway. Easy enough, right?  If we do get that snow tonight, I'm definitely trying this.