On Sunday, the mask mandate in Iowa was lifted by Governor Kim Reynolds. Despite this, several businesses are still continuing protocols.

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While social distancing and hygiene practices are encouraged, this wasn't enough for some businesses. According to KCRG, several business owners in Cedar Rapids decided to continue to enforce COVID protocols despite the lift.

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KCRG reports that staff at The Pedalers Fork in northeast Cedar Rapids said it was "emotional to hear the mandates were being lifted because it has been difficult navigating the pandemic." They felt that it's important to keep the safety protocols in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Other businesses felt the same way, and joined together to continue the protocols. These places included La Cantina, Daisy's Garage, and several others. Many of these businesses are still requiring patrons and employees to wear masks when not seated at a table. See what they had to say in the social media posts below.

Not only did restaurants gather together to continue to do what they can to stop the spread of the virus, but even the mayor backed this. KCRG reported that Cedar Rapids Mayor Brad Hart stated that the city would continue to enforce the mask mandate to keep staff and patrons safe.

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