It's been a rough few months in Keystone, Iowa, for a group of residents who own pit bulls or dogs who resemble them. They were first told to get rid of their beloved pets because of the city's ban on the breed.

They were then given a reprieve before once again, being told they needed to go. According to KCCI, while one owner threatened to leave town rather than lose their beloved family companion, others were simply left with no choice. Or so they thought. At an appeal hearing Tuesday night, the city council learned that Preston Moore, Iowa State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, said he’d been approached by the 10 families in Keystone who had been given the notice to remove their dogs.

According to KCRG, after some more discussion with the city council, some of the pit bull owners have been able to reach "individual solutions" to keep the dogs. But they still may not be satisfied until the ban is completely reversed.

One person was told that she will have to put up a six-foot fence on her property, while also being allowed to only have the dog walked by her or another adult.

Another owner was asked to provide an official letter from her vet stating her dog is not a pit bull, but a lab boxer mix, in order for her to keep it. However, she is concerned about the hidden costs behind that request.

I wouldn’t doubt that there is some sort of out-of-pocket costs that are going to come with this. I just don’t know exactly what that’s going to look like yet

The saga between Keystone pit bull owners and those in charge of enforcing the unfortunate rule that says they're not allowed to have them appears to be far from over.

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